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Our Mission

StelvioTech Blockchain

At Stelvio Blockchain Consulting, we develop, maintain and evaluate Blockchain and DLTs related products meanwhile providing long-term vision, strategy and operational matters for our partners worldwide.

You will find the full spectrum of blockchain technology in one company, as our teams operate in multiple disciplines.

Stelvio helps clients explore every aspect of blockchain & DLTs and build tailored solutions designed to deliver value. Through Strategy definition, business value proposal to architecture, digital design, and development, we serve our clients in their quest for innovative solutions that are market-ready and address real business issues.

Our Services

Consultancy & Advisory

We offer advice on the strategic employment of blockchain technology based on a thorough analysis of your company’s profile whilst drafting along your ideas of development. We will assess the potential of blockchain technology in your company and discuss possibilities of optimization.

Prototyping and Development

We provide you with the programming of scalable and distributed applications and custom-built protocols. Additionally, we support you throughout the entire process of integration and adaptation of blockchain technology into your already existing company network.

Education & Training

We offer in-house and external training and teaching seminars, workshops, talks, as well as instructive materials on the blockchain technology and related fields of application, which will provide you with in-depth knowledge of the intricate blockchain ecosystem and all its facets.


We provide unique access to the results of our cutting-edge research in the fields of cryptocurrency and distributed ledger technology carried out by our own experts. It is important to us to share our results and findings at conferences and in form of publications

Four Pillars

Blockchain Governance

Governance Design

Who owns the network? Who owns the data? Our experts help you design an operational model for the members of your business network, delivering benefits that are fair, democratic, transparent and built to evolve.

Business Value Design

How does the network make money? The design of your blockchain network business model will include appropriate monetization and incentives to stimulate collaboration between members and generate network effects. (1)

Technology Design

How do blockchain’s benefits help people work smarter and better? We design human experiences to inspire mass adoption of new digital products and services, while assuring privacy, trust and security.

Network Design

So, what does it mean to be intentional about success in blockchain? What does it mean to design business networks? It means we start with our outcome in mind: to enable business transformation at the level of a market, industry or ecosystem. In doing so for hundreds of clients, we’ve learned that the most successful business networks address three design workstreams: governance, business value and technology.


Innovation and Ideation

Continuously identify relevant use cases to harvest the benefits of blockchain technologies Collaborate with clients to evaluate existing processes, pain points, and goals to brainstorm domains for blockchain adoption.


Accelerate build of blockchain prototypes, leveraging our technical expertise, industry knowledge and partnership across platforms, to satisfy unique client requirements Leverage our library of over 30 proof of concept solutions to serve as accelerators across.

Product Development

Mobilize our highly trained and technical global blockchain practitioners to not only re-engineer business processes but also build applications
Deliver as one team in partnership to leverage advanced and effective blockchain technology 


Why Us?

StelvioTech has proven experienced blockchain experts across technical and business domains and can apply the latest industry knowledge to build blockchain solutions. Backed by a strong EMEA blockchain Lab and Community we help build blockchain strategy, design use cases and deliver blockchain solutions for our clients.

StelvioTech has a flexible solution approach through proof of concepts and co-creation which can be delivered together with the client and also in a secure (encrypted/keys) managed service. This allows for quick solutions builds and market tests.

Supply Chain Use case
Value Driven in Supply chain

Value Driven Supply Chain powered by blockchain technology and IoT: An Oracle Perspective Enhancing supply chains with the transparency and security of distributed ledger technology Blockchain technology and IoT will digitize the next generation supply chain. This point of view combines Oracle’s product vision and Stelvio’s digital supply chain industry knowledge to showcase how these technologies can help companies innovate with agile, trusted, and transparent supply chains.



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